faculty-of-philosophy-logoWelcome to my webpage! I am a Research Fellow in the Faculty of Philosophy at the University of Cambridge. I work on philosophy of science, social epistemology, and formal epistemology. I am particularly interested in the social epistemology of science: how does the social structure of science contribute to (or detract from) its success? See my research statement for more details. Preprints of my papers and a CV are also available.

Please feel free to email me at rdh51 (at) cam (dot) ac (dot) uk. You can also follow me on academia.edu.

On May 13, 2016, I defended my PhD dissertation at Carnegie Mellon University.

In January 2015 I gave a talk at the Munich Center for Mathematical Philosophy, entitled “Vindicating Methodological Triangulation”. This talk was recorded on video, and you can watch this video online.

In 2009 Tilburg University awarded me a prize for the best master’s thesis written at the university in the preceding academic year. This prize was awarded at the 82nd Dies Natalis of the university, on November 19. Tilburg University created a video to introduce me (in Dutch), which you can watch below.

18A picture of me accepting the prize

My research is supported by: